Our mission is your international growth and success. We work with our global organization as your ``glocal`` recruitment team. We are present worldwide with physical presence and offices in 25+ countries and have experience from 100+ countries with recruitments and specialized headhunting.
We are specialists and consultants with local roots on 5 continents, most often locally born and resident. We work with common methods & culture, and possess an integrated local knowledge. The tasks are solved through our innovative digital platform & innovative technological methods.

Examples of recruitments

A few examples of positions and successes with our international headhunting and recruitments:
· Country manager Spain
· Director USA
· Sales director USA
· Director Norway
· KAM`s Germany
· Specialist England
· Countries director Poland


International headhunting and recruitment on “glocal” premises

BISGAARD ​​+ Catenon is the Nordic part of the listed headhunting and recruitment company Catenon. We have a worldwide “one planet, one office” approach and culture, where we work closely to identify, motivate, evaluate and introduce candidates located anywhere in the world to local and international companies. We are successful with this due to a strong collaboration with a common methodology and a unique technological platform with 200+ employees. As well as because we have “on the ground” local colleagues in all parts of the world.

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We guarantee our work

One planet - one office

We mean it when we say we are one entity. We are in all 25+ countries trained in the use of the same methods and tools, which characterizes our cooperation and streamlines our processes and communication. We all love the international and multicultural in our work - it benefits the customers.

Leading experts

Our recruitment work is based on a close and well-developed global collaboration between the national and international consultants. All possess strong networks, in-depth knowledge of local conditions such as culture, local labor market conditions, the recruitment market, competence and personality special features on profiles etc.

Digital solutions

Our methods and tools are based on innovative technology and methods as well as a strong digital platform. Our experience is that good recruitment decisions are best made on the basis of orderly data. In addition, of course, sparring and dialogue when meeting with you both physically and online in relation to assessing and making the right decisions.

Warranty on the assignment

We guarantee our recruitments for 6-12-18 months. This means that we re-occupy at no charge to you for incorrect recruitments that could have been anticipated and avoided.

Information & sparring

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International headhunting & recruitment

Get us started – then the process is not so long

1. Briefing

Information & clarification

As an initial stage of the process, we get, through non-committal conversations, clarified the task and its scope, and treat it as if it were a local recruitment.

2. Specification

Specification of profile

After the initial dialogues, sparring and clarifications, the process continues online. The criteria for the requested profile are finally determined by us and agreed with you in the common platform. It is important that you, internally and with us, are coordinated in relation to what the ideal profile is and how the candidate field matches your needs and wishes.

3. The Process

We do it professionally and simple

We are experts in recruitment and headhunting, and we make a virtue out of continuously keeping personal sparring and communication with you, as well as having you updated about the process and candidates in our intuitive digital platform where everyone involved can participate across time and geography.

4. Employment


Success is about the best candidate for the position being activated and motivated, selected and hired, and gets a good start. We are happy to follow up and ensure a strong onboarding.

We guarantee our recruitments, which means that it turns out that the recruiter must stop within 6-12-18 months we re-employ at no cost to you.

``We know the local conditions, culture and labor markets in most parts of the world``

International recruitment involves a strong focus on the cultural, linguistic, temporal, local labor market conditions and the recruitment market etc. Therefore, it requires special skills, technology, knowledge and network. Contact us and let us tailor your international recruitments so that we optimize your conditions for success.

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International ambitions demands strong international recruitments!

We solve headhunting and recruitment tasks through a strong global organization of competent consultants and specialists, as well as an innovative digital approach that ensures quality, overview and decision-making power. We are physically placed in 25+ countries and recruits in 100+ countries.

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