International headhunting & recruitment


We are present with local consultants and specialists who know the culture and approaches of the country in question to recruit on. This gives us a better process during international headhunting & recruitment. It provides more optimal candidates to choose from, as well as higher satisfaction, as their course takes place in a familiar format.

Culture competent

We are Scandinavians with knowledge of the culture and the requirements and competencies a Scandinavian company demands. And we prepare and collaborate with, for example, a Danish company on their terms. We further minimize the black box of cultural barriers and differences, with the local knowledge our network has, on which they work based on their conditions.

Communicates and sets context

We ``translate`` and pass on the criteria and requirements associated with international recruitment, so that it has the best connection with what you want. If the local recruiter considers headhunting as the best solution, this is initiated based on the specific criteria that the candidates must match.

We carry out international recruitment optimally!

We have a unique and digital platform where the tasks are carried out at a high data-driven level with a common real-time overview across space and time. Our experience is that it gives the best result and greatest satisfaction with the process of our local resident colleagues.

If you want to hear more about our digital headhunting and recruitment process, globally, please contact us for a non-binding dialogue.

Our Procedure

Get us started – then the process is not so long

1. Briefing

Information and clarification

In our initial phase of the recruitment process, we answer in collaboration with you what the task consists of and to what extent it has. It is of great importance for the work in the future that we get clarified all basic information, as based on this we can promote you to the candidates, as well as find the relevant candidates to propose to you.

Our vision is to understand you as best we can as a partner, so we can handle the process as if it were a local recruitment. Therefore, if possible, we like to spend plenty of time establishing the task, so that we have a clear starting point.

2. Specification

Specification of candidates

After the basic information has been clarified, the process begins where the criteria for the potential candidate or candidates are to be determined. It is very important that the criteria are specified on the basis of the necessary parameters, so that our recruiter can judge the candidates on the right factors. In particular, when we use local consultants in the areas in demand, so that the communication regarding the requirements is unambiguous and specific. It more often results in successful international headhunting & recruitment.

3. The Process

Global, local and digital

What makes us unique is our global presence in local areas, as well as our intuitive digital platform. Here we handle your recruitment in close correspondence, while local recruiters operate in collaboration with us, to find and screen the relevant candidates. Based on homogeneous psychological assessment tools and competence indicators, which can be adapted to any search globally, we can through Catenon’s technological platform present the leading candidates based on the parameters we determine in the specification of potential candidates.

4. Result

Selection & follow-up

At the end of the ‘international headhunting & recruitment’ process, between 1-5 candidates will typically be presented for the position, which you have been an active part of sorting down to. After the selection of the most promising candidate, we make a customized follow-up process for the recruitment, so that he or she is integrated as best as possible in your organization. This quality assurance results in a higher performance of the recruitment from the start, as well as a greater security for both parties.

In addition, we include a guarantee of 6-12 months, so both you and we are sure it is the right choice for you in the long run.

Want to see more?

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